Procureur (pork neck)


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Marinated pork neck from Dutch origin, slow-cooked to perfection in its own fat, irresistible and bursting with flavour.

You can buy a can per piece at the Sligro’s in the Netherlands or at Dutch butcheries like Slagerijen Kaldenberg en Koninklijke Ruig. On the webshop only for sale per tray of 6 cans. One can consists of approximately 300 gram meat and 75 ml of lard and is sufficient for 2 people. Delivery takes up to 2 à 5 workdays in the Netherlands.

Curious how to prepare this dish? Click on the video below. Looking for a recipe? Click here.

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To prepare our Procureur, open the can and heat a bit of the fat in a pan. Divide the meat into two to three trenches and remove excess fat if necessary. Pan-fry the trenches until they are crisp and golden on both sides. Only flip the meat or move in the pan once it no longer sticks to the pan. It should be ready in about 6 minutes. The remaining fat can be used to prepare potatoes or meat. Check out the cooking video, spoken in Dutch, but subtitled in English.