First class meat at homewith Chef Confit

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Maximum flavour
Easy to prepare
Quickly served
Long shelf life

A three-star meal at home has never been this simple.

The days of endless marinades and stress trying to prep in time are behind us! Chef Confit presents easy meals that require minimal effort and maximum culinary enjoyment. Our unique slow-cooking process prepares the meat to be tender and extremely rich in taste. Our dishes are immediately canned after preparation and as a result, they have a long shelf life and guaranteed premium quality. The cans are even portioned perfectly for two people, rendering food waste a thing of the past.

Restaurant-quality meals can be prepared at home in just a few minutes. Whether you’re cooking for two or a party of 25, as a professional chef or a kitchen novice, Chef Confit is the kitchen staple for you.

Check out the preparation videos with Arjan Weckseler (co-founder) of the Pork cheeks, Procureur (pork neck) and Chicken thighs.


Shop locations

In addition to the webshop, Chef Confit cans are also available from April 11 at the Sligro’s in the Netherlands and 3 Sligro’s in Belgium, at the shop department ‘Kaldenberg Slagerijen’.